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This page lists some of the areas we can provide training for. Our courses have no predefined outline because we usually tailor them towards our customers' needs. So please drop us a note about your favourite mix of topics.

Every course aims at providing the attendees with practical information and includes a thorough set of working code samples.

Embedded Linux

We can provide embedded Linux training solutions, both for PC based architectures and for non PCs, which we actually prefer :-). Courses can cover all embedded-linux related issues, such as setting up a minimal Linux system, dealing with real time stuff (with specific reference to RTAI), building a toolchain for cross-compilation, programming in the UNIX environment and so on.

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Linux device drivers

Our long term experience writing Linux device drivers for many of the kernel subsystems (network, usb, media, block devices, ...) can help our customers speeding up their learning process. We can provide platform-focused training on one of the several architectures we support (arm, ppc, coldfire, ia32, sh and more).

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We offer training courses on Samba. You can learn how to install, configure and run samba. We also cover more advanced issues, such as writing customized vfs and passdb modules.

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